Vietnam Securities Depository Center


Location: 112 Hoang Quoc Viet, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.
The head office of the Vietnam Securities Depository Center was granted a Lotus Green Building certificate in the form of an office building, with a floor area of 14,112 m2. This is the first state project to receive the Lotus green building certificate
To save energy, the building uses louvers along the south façade as sunshades outside the building; reducing the window area/wall area ratio on the west, north and east building surfaces; using low-e double glazing and walls made of non-adhesive materials (lightweight concrete blocks).

Konia participates in the Securities Depository Center project as a supplier of ventilation and air conditioning systems, with products: Chiller, AHU, FCU, Precision Air Conditioning.


The building uses an energy-saving central air conditioning system (VRF); Efficient artificial lighting, using renewable energy with 8kWp solar panels and 37kW solar hot water system.
At the same time, using toilets and faucets to save water, reuse wastewater after treatment to meet 100% of irrigation needs. In addition, the project uses many solutions to optimize the working space for employees such as 100% of the space with a view, 98% of the space is provided with fresh air. Trees in the building are arranged with high density. Specifically, 18% of the land area is planted with trees, of which the green roof area is 80m2.


Precision Air Conditioning