Trung Nam Solar Farm


The project is built on 264 hectares of land, with a design scale of more than 705,000 solar panels combined with wind power. The total capacity of the plant is expected to be 204 MW. The panels will be connected to the DC Combiner Box converters using a small 4mm2  cable manufactured by Keystone. After that, electrical energy continues to be transmitted to the system of 45 Inverter conversion stations and related equipment via Keystone 120 mm2 power cable.
From the Inventer stations, electricity will be transmitted to the booster station, and finally to the 220kV Thap Cham line to continue the journey into the national grid.

Konia Company participated in this project as a supplier of Keystone power cables – Solar Cables.


After inaugurating and putting into operation, it is expected that the Trung Nam Solar Power Plant will produce a minimum total electricity output of more than 401 million kWh and a maximum of more than 450 million kWh per year. The power output from the plant, when connected to the national power grid, will provide and supplement electricity for Ninh Thuan province in particular and the country in general.


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