7 advices using and installing generator

Source: Cummins.com.vn

Backup generators are one of the important equipment to provide backup power, ensure continuity in the production and operation process of many enterprises in all fields. To ensure your generators are well ready to work, you need to note the following seven points:


1. Determine your needs in energy

Before purchase, double check equipment efficiency. You should choose a generator with a capacity higher than the actual use about 20%, the generator will remain durably.


2. Determine the place of the generator

Small generators for families should not be placed indoor, but outside and in open space.

Outdoor industrial generators should come along with a noise-proof cover to reduce noise and protect from animals. If you leave the machine indoor, it’s suggested to have an exhaust system and a system to get fresh air for machine.


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3. Check your generator regularly

The engine is designed to operate. If it is not in use for a long time, the life of the machine will be bad affected. If you do not regularly operate it, you should let the machine idle for about 15 minutes per week to maintain a stable operating state.


4. Keep it connect stably to the electrical system

Complete wire system to make sure the generator stably connected to your electrical system. It requires a double-circuit breaker or a switch, which automatically turns on the generator when the power is off or turns it off when the power returns. It keeps the power supply to the appliances (such as refrigerators, security systems, etc.) always working, even if you are not at home to start the generator when the power is off. Automatic switches also help protect generators, other equipment systems, as well as ensure safety for everyone.



5. Check carefully before operation

Check before operation: Checking fuel oil, checking coolant, checking lubricant level, checking contact points, etc.


6. Check safety conditions

Generator fuel is often very flammable and emit carbon monoxide, dangerous for people when burned in enclosed spaces, so do not run the machine in enclosed space, do not place flammable, conductive objects near the generator. It is suggested to make high chimney for industrial generators.


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7. Regular maintain the machine

Perform regular maintenance, you will need a generator maintenance service once a year to change oil & filters, check for faults and other wear. Your user manual provides detailed information on how to install, use, maintain and information on generator fuel. Please read it thoroughly.

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