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Authorized Training Center – The First Trimble SketchUp’s ATC In Vietnam

Konia Company has 10 years-experience of software distribution in Vietnam. Konia is the Authorized Distributor & Reseller of well-known software brands such as: Trimble, Autodesk, Chaosgroup.

Since 2018, Konia is the sole Authorized Distributor of Trimble SketchUp in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In order to provide the best service and develop the SketchUp user community, Konia has successfully registered to establish the first ATC SketchUp Training Center in Vietnam.

SketchUp Nhà Phân Phối việt nam



What Is ATC?

ATC is an Authorized Training Centre of Trimble SketchUp which are independent training facilities that are authorized to conduct training programs offered. Trimble create and deliver valuable training content through ATC partners all over the world. You could reach out to our local partners to get more information.

Why Should I Choose ATC?


Learning New Skills with latest productivity features

Learning New Skills with latest - 400px Learning with Authorized Professional trainer Learning with Authorized - 400px
Developing Existing Skills Developing Existing - 400px Be SketchUp Certified User Certificate Sample


Create Accurate 3D Projects

Develop your ideas in 3D with powerful and accurate, yet simple tools. Begin with a blank canvas or import photos, CAD files or pre-built models from 3D Warehouse. SketchUp is the most intuitive and easy-to-learn 3D drawing tool available, designed to behave like an extension of your hand.


Present And Document

SketchUp Pro includes LayOut, a powerful 2D illustration app for the creation of professional drawing sets, construction documents and screen presentations, all dynamically linked to SketchUp files.

Present and document

Export And Share

Publish imagery and animations, export for VR, create documents and BIM reports with IFC references. Evolve your design in other applications by exporting to formats including DXF, DWG, OBJ, 3DS, DAE, and more.


A Flexible Platform

Extension Warehouse contains over 400 plugins that layer additional tools and features on top of SketchUp. Free and paid plugins are available for industry-specific workflows such as rendering, analysis, and 3D printing.


Trimble Connect

Enables collaboration for engineering and construction projects. Accessible via Desktop, Mobile, or Web, Trimble Connect allows users to view, share, and access project information from anywhere, at anytime.

Trimble Connect


About Darchviz – Authorized Training Center For SketchUp Certificates

Konia Company has authorized Darchviz Studio to become the professional SketchUp training and certification center.

Darchviz Studio was established in 2012 by Mr. Hoang Ngoc Duy – trainer with over 8 years of experience in architectural design training.

SketchUp ATC vietnam - Darchviz

Since November 2019, Darchviz Studio has became the Authorized Training Center (ATC) of Trimble SketchUp. Currently, this is the only SketchUp’s ATC in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Darchviz Studio offers monthly online and offline classes. In addition, Darchviz also has the training programs based on the needs of each business, group.


Đào tạo SketchUp


For more information about Darchviz Studio, please contact:

Mr. Duy: Email: | Hotline: 0931 880 854