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Furutec Electrical started to manufacture busduct system in Penang, Malaysia since 1995 under the license from Furukawa Electric, Japan. In 2008, EITA Resources ventured into designing and manufacturing busduct system and Furutec became a wholly-owned subsidiary of EITA Resources in Malaysia.

Having benefitted from more than a decade-long of technical collaboration with Furukawa, Furutec is noted for its relentless and uncompromising commitment on quality and excellence as the Japanese manufacturing practice and culture have been firmly embedded into Furutec busduct system. Today, Furutec has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of busduct system that meets various international standards.




Furutec busduct is the result of cumulative years of research, development and manufacturing experience. It offers a broad range of busduct systems in a variety of applications and market segments as the products meet the high expectations and specification of customers.

It consists of 3 different types namely AH, HP-ES & CR model (ranging from 400A to 6300A for copper and aluminium conductor) catering for different applications such as critical power distribution, outdoor & harsh environment, environmentally-friendly requirement, higher ambient temperature, earthquake resistance, fire resistance and corrosion resistance including low and medium voltage applications. 



Thanh dẫn điện Busduct Thanh dẫn điện Busduct Thanh dẫn điện Busduct
• Type tested to IEC 61439-6 and certified by DEKRA/KEMA Quality
• KEMA KEUR certification mark
• Compliance to UL857
• Fire Resistance certified to BS 6387 and CNS 14286 (Equivalent to JIS C 8364 and JIS A 1304)
• Compact sandwich type
• Eco-labelling certified to MS 2237:2009 as an environmentally friendly product
• Certified according to Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) Certification Scheme
• MyHijau Mark as green recognition by Malaysia government
• Inherited Japanese design & technology
• Double bolt joint design
• Compact Sandwich type
• Electro-galvanized steel with epoxy powder coating
• EMF and EMC verified
• Zone 4 Seismic Protection
• Type tested to IEC 61439-6
• Compliance to UL857
• Extruded aluminium-alloy housing
• Compact sandwich type
• Excellent heat dissipation
• Corrosion resistant e RIVET technology
• Low impedance ground path (with electrical conductivity of more than 50% IACS)
• Light weight and easy installation
• Maintenance-free
• EMF and EMC verified
• Zone 4 Seismic Protection
• Type tested to IEC 61439-6 (IV) and IEC 6227 1-200 (MV)
• Fire resistance certified to BS 6387 and CNS 14286 (Equivalent to JIS C 8364 and JIS A 1304)
• Seismic protection certified to withstand 2.2g peak ground acceleration (PGA)
• Degree of protection certified to IP68
• IK 10 mechanical impact certified to IEC 62262
• Overload current capacity of 25% for 4 hours
• Corrosion resistant & self-extinguished cast resin type
• Applicable to low, medium and high voltage requirement
• Aluminium profile along busduct body ensuring earth continuity
• Certified as environmentally friendly product
• Maintenance-free
• EMF and EMC verified


Thanh dẫn điện Busduct



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