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Introducing Trox Life Magazine

The scenarios are alarming. Increasing sea levels: Increasing sea levels, expanding desert and arid regions, the desertification of landscapes, devastating weather catastrophes

Climate change is an important issue and if predictions are correct, it will bring far-reaching changes. The ventilation and air condition industry will also see big challenges.  Did you know :

♦   Fans and air conditioning systems in office buildings will be the main driver of global energy consumption over the coming three decades ?

♦ German households could be consuming between three and six per cent of energy to cool their homes in the year 2050?

The problem here is that many of these units can only generate cold air, and therefore do not create a really pleasant indoor climate or contribute to a good indoor life quality.  What is needed is professional and primarily energy-efficient units that not only enable temperature regulation but also monitor and control other parameters such as air quality, humidity, etc. and have the capability to work on the basis of demand at all times.

TROX would like to look at these issues, which is why climate and change is the title of our current customer magazine TROX life. The magazine will tell you about new approaches that have the potential to revolutionise air conditioning. We will also look at the most important laws, guidelines and standards as well as introduce an innovative and futuristic reference project. Moreover we will be looking at ourselves: has there been climate change within TROX itself?


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Trox Life Magazine


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